Our Products

Here at Specialty Foods, we provide an array of products for our customers. This includes Mexican staples such as corn and flour tortillas, rice, beans, and a variety of fresh produce. Popular brands like Jarritos, Mexican Coke, Mole Dona Maria, La Costaña, La Bandarita, La Flor, Don Andres, El Milagro, and La Lechera. Our products don’t just stop at food; we also provide all your restaurant equipment and supplies.


At Specialty Foods, we stock a wide variety of brands and sizes of tortillas. A few brands we stock include; La Fama, La Bandarita, SFD, Tortillas Ole, and others.


Spices are such an essential part of Mexican food. Because of that, Specialty Foods carries an extensive array of spices for your Mexican restaurant.


Specialty Foods offers a comprehensive range of restaurant supplies, including a wide variety of cutlery, bar supplies, glassware, and cookware. They also provide essential dining room items like serving trays, tray stands, high chairs, and booster seats for Mexican restaurants.


From salmon to scallops to even octopus, Specialty Foods provides a wide array of seafood choices for your business.


Fresh produce is a big part of your restaurant, so we make a big variety for you.

Paper & Disposable

Stocked here at Specialty Foods for your restaurant needs are all the paper and disposable products.

Mexican Drinks

Our range of Mexican drinks starts with brands like Jarritos all the way to Mexican Coke.


Our meat selection is extensive and high quality. We provide standard meats like ground beef all the way to specialties like cow tongue.


Specialty Foods provides an array of frozen desserts like churros, ice cream, and cheesecake chimichangas, as well as a variety of entrees including pizzas and chicken tenders. They also offer a selection of quick-preparation sides, from precut potatoes for fries to Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and frozen vegetables.


We deliver a full line of Mexican food preparation equipment.  We have everything from fryers to margarita machines.


Dairy products that we supply for you include milk, eggs, heavy whipping cream, and margarine. We also offer a large variety of cheeses with brands and types like Land O” Lakes, Fresco, Don Andres, Chihuahua, Mozzarella, and many more.


Specialty Foods is pleased to stock chicken from Koch Foods. We stock all types of cuts for all your chicken needs. We even stock whole chickens, and all at wholesale price!


Beyond just food products, we supply everything your business needs to thrive, that includes cleaning chemicals.

Canned & Dried Goods

Specialty Foods stocks a comprehensive range of dry goods essential for Mexican restaurants, from rice and beans to sugar, salt, and snacks. They also offer a wide variety of canned goods, including jalapenos, tomatoes, condensed milk, and an extensive selection of hot sauces from popular brands.